Semiconductor independence will take one to two decades, says Jensen Huang


Over the past few years, the Americans, and the Western world more generally, have embarked on a race for semiconductor independence. The USA subsidizes (and punishes) all kinds of producers to convince them to set up shop on their soil. The Germans are also playing hardball with Intel to persuade them to set up shop here… Even if the question of financing remains delicate. However, while the approach is commendable, it will take time – a lot of time, according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

Count on one to two decades for semiconductor independence, according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang!


However, mastering the entire production chain in this field is a particularly complex undertaking. And like all complex things, it takes time. According to estimates by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, it takes between one and two decades.

The first thing to do is to convince the major manufacturers to set up factories on American soil, or in the West more generally. Already, we’ve got some wary ones like TSMC, who fear technology transfers in particular. Then there’s the time it takes to build the plants and get them up and running, which doesn’t happen in a snap of the fingers.

Of course, there’s also the question of financing, and all that, as the other guy would say, “costs an awful lot of money”. Through its CHIPS Act, Uncle Sam has already spent some $52 billion, while Europe is struggling to come up with $15 billion.

Clearly, overhauling an already well-oiled machine takes time, and independence won’t happen overnight.