Seasonic announces its new MagFlow 120 aRGB!


Seasonic has just announced a new fan. The mill in question is none other than the MagFlow 120 aRGB. It features a new serial connection via the frame!

MagFlow 120 aRGB: frame connection!

Seasonic MagFlow 120 aRGBThe brand’s 120 mm fans are 26.6 mm thick, with anti-vibration pads. They also feature a total of nine blades and a fairly thick frame. At the same time, they conceal an RGB trim inside.

As for the technical specifications, we’ll be referring to fans operating at up to 2000 rpm. Under these conditions, airflow is predicted at 49.47 CFM, while static pressure will reach 2.28 mmH2O.

However, the special feature of this model is its series connection. This means they can be connected to each other. However, this connection is made via the frame, using a connector integrated into the frame. Connection to the rest of the system is via a flat connector.

When it comes to price, this kind of mill goes up quite a bit. The unit price is €33.90, compared with €99.90 for a pack of three. Note that the pack comes with the aRGB controller, which is not included with the single unit.

Here’s the Seasonic datasheet!