RX 7600 already in stock!


The RX 7600 continues to make news, this time through a new photo. On this one, we see a stock of cards customized by Sapphire, the Pulse model. Obviously, retailers are already filling their shelves for the launch!

RX 7600 : already in the retailers’ stocks !

Sapphire RX 7600 PulseApparently, shipments of the RX 7600 are already starting to be sent to retail outlets in Asia. This is shown in the picture above: a picture of the stocks of an Asian store. Of course, the fact that goods are entering the warehouses does not mean that the cards are available… Just that the sellers are preparing for the launch.

Anyway, this confirms that AMD intends to launch its card very soon. The last rumors were that the launch window was around May 25.

Moreover, the photo of the boxes confirms the use of 8 GB of VRAM. Similarly, on the slices, we can briefly distinguish the configuration of the GPU. Under the hood, the card hides a Navi 33 chip with 32 comput units. In total, this makes 2048 stream processors, or the complete configuration of the chip.

Regarding the price, a price of $249 is mentioned by our colleagues but this has yet to be confirmed.