RX 6900 XT: the selling price of the card slashed!


With the launch of the monstrous RTX 4090, AMD is in trouble until it renews its graphics card offering. In the meantime, we can see prices slashed for the top of the line card of the reds. Here, the brand’s RX 6900 XT falls below $700, even below €700!

RX 6900 XT : the card goes under $700 !

AMD RX 6900 XTThe price of AMD ‘s top of the line card falls sharply below $700. On Amazon we can find the XFX Speedster SWFT 319 for $669.99, a custom model with a nice design. In Europe, MindFactory displays the Phantom Gaming version from ASRock at 699 € !

As a reminder, this model was officially displayed at $999 in late October 2020. In between, with the stories of Covid-19, containment and scalper during the strong period of mining have allowed the card to reach crazy prices. It was not uncommon to see it listed for more than €1,500 earlier this year.

Now, this price drop and the return to near-normal of the GPU market allows us to have more interesting prices… Especially since the launch of the new generation of NVIDIA. For the moment, it is difficult to say if this new price drop is at the initiative of AMD. Just remember that the brand lowered its price when announcing the RTX 4090 in mid-September.