RX 550 low profile, ASRock passes the sell-by date!


ASRock is launching an old graphics card, and for good reason: its GPU was born in 2017! Indeed, the brand is resurrecting the entry-level RX 550 with an RX 550 Low Profile. Clearly, this is the kind of “soothing” card you’d choose for an office PC.

RX 550 Low Profile: clearly past its sell-by date!

ASRock RX 550 Low ProfileWith this card, the brand offers us a compact reference. As you can see, this model features a half-height PCB, 169 mm long. As you can see, the heatsink is a dual-slot model. The latter features a simple machined aluminum block topped by two fans, and that’s all there is to it. However, remember that an RX 550 has a TDP of 50W, so there’s no need for anything more.

The card itself benefits from a small GPU nicknamed Lexa, with 8 compute units, or 512 stream processors. As for memory, ASRock’s card boasts 4 GB of VRAM on a 128-bit bus… The same width as that of an RTX 4060. Finally, this model’s operating frequency is 1100 MHz, the reference frequency.

Clearly, this card is not designed for gaming; it will simply be used to manage a display… All the more so as the expiration date has clearly passed, particularly in terms of drivers. This generation has benefited from uneven support.

Fortunately, it’s not expensive: 12,980 yen (around €80).

Here’s the ASRock product sheet!