RTX 4090: a custom Lenovo card in four slots spotted!


The news comes from Twitter where the account @wxnod the card in question would be a custom model from Lenovo. Clearly the kind of model that we will not find at retail. Nevertheless, it gives us some indications on the future cinderblocks that these cards will be!

RTX 4090: a huge card with four slots at Lenovo!

Lenovo RTX 4090Clearly, Lenovo are not the kings of design since we find, again, a cubic card, like their AMD range. Nevertheless, what shocks here is the impressive thickness of this model: 4 slots. Also, we can already see the presence of a 12VHPWR connector. It was announced, but it seems that PCIe 5. 0 is the new standard for powering larger GPUs.

In any case, to cool this type of card efficiently, you have to put in the means. As a reminder, this model is powered by an AD102 chip with no less than 16384 Cuda Core. On the memory side, no less than 24 GB of GDDR6X will be present. In short, the TDP looks colossal: 450W. So yes, four slot designs should be commonplace.

By the way, photos of the supposed cooling system have also leaked. From there, we can see a huge block of aluminum fins crossed by a total of 13 copper heat pipes. However, these will not come into contact with the GPU or memory, it is a large steam chamber that will be responsible for absorbing the heat generated by these elements.