RTX 4090 FE: EKWB already launches a waterblock for the card!


EKWB strikes fast and hard by completing its waterblock offer. Indeed, the Slovenian brand has just announced a block for the freshly announced RTX 4090 FE. Moreover, this small EK-Quantum Vector2 FE RTX 4090 D-RGB offers a single slot format once installed!

RTX 4090 FE: EKWB watercooler already the card of NVIDIA!

EKWB RTX 4090 FE waterblockIn the program, we find a full cover waterblock that will actively cool the sensitive parts of the card. We think of the memory or the GPU.

Moreover, the particularity of this version is to offer a single slot once installed on the graphics card. Despite this, the brand announces good performance levels thanks to a network of micro-wings split into two.

For the rest, we find a nickel-plated copper construction for the base of the heatsink. The upper part, will be, at the choice, in acrylic or in acetal with a lighting by LED RGB in all the cases. Finally, the backplate is provided in all cases.

We end with the selling price which is 241.92 € on the store of the brand, regardless of the finish.

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