RTX 4070 currently available at $549 in the U.S


We’re heading for North America, where we’ve learned that the price of NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 is on the decline. Indeed, the card in question has gone from $599, its launch price, the famous MSRP, to $549. However, this is not an official adjustment on NVIDIA’s part.

RTX 4070 from $549 in the USA!

RTX 4070

If we take a look at Newegg, we can see many RTX 4070s going for $549. Of course, these are only ” MSRP ” cards, i.e. streamlined models, but it does give AMD a bit of competition. At the beginning of the month, the Reds launched the RX 7800 XT. This card seems to be a great success both in Germany and the USA.

Nevertheless, even though many 4070s are available at $549, this is clearly not an official price cut from NVIDIA. Indeed, this price readjustment should be seen as a desire on the part of partners and retailers. Once again, for a product to drop in price, demand must not be high, otherwise it would be stable, or even tend to rise.

We imagine that the competition imposed by AMD in this sector will force players to review their prices. At MSRP, it was clear that the 4070 was in trouble, with a fierce competitor offering better performance and more memory for $100 less. Here, the gap is narrowing, even if AMD retains the advantage in memory and rasterization performance. On the other hand, NVIDIA offers a card with a better price/consumption ratio, greater Ray Tracing performance and access to green technologies, DLSS in particular.

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Over here, RTX 4070s are available for just over €600. They start at €620, with Gainward Ghost, Asus Dual, MSI Ventus 2X and Inno3D Twin X2 models. In contrast, the RX 7800 XT comes in at just under €600.