RTX 4070: a model that doesn’t look affordable…


If you were waiting for the RTX 4070 to offer you a “cheap” card, we say to you to the next one and kisses… No, more seriously, the latest price rumors about this card are not reassuring. Apparently, the “reference” models, i.e. the most affordable ones, should come out around $749.99. The premium versions would be around $799.99, the price of the Ti model.

RTX 4070: the bill looks very high!

NVIDIA RTX 4070As a reminder, the latest rumors mention a model declined in three versions. Two of them are intended for reference cards against one for the Founders Edition model.

Regarding the GPU, we would have the right to an AD104-250/251 containing a total of 5888 Cuda Core is a configuration similar to RTX 3070. In addition, the chip being of new generation, we must expect perfs revised upwards. Obviously, this model would be between the RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 Ti.

Moreover, it is this argument that makes the card come out at a price of $749.99 for the most accessible models. On the other hand, the larger versions would be priced around $799.99. Based on these prices, this would mean a bill between €850 and €905… Always depending on the exchange rates. Which seems to fit with the current prices.

Otherwise, the rest of the supposed characteristics tend towards a card with 12 GB of GDDR6X clocked at 21 Gbps. Via a 192-bit memory bus, the memory has a bandwidth of 504 GB/s. Finally, on the frequency side, we expect to have a boost of 2475 MHz and a TDP limited to 200W against 220W for the 3070.

In short, if these prices are confirmed, we fear the worst for the RTX 4060 which could hit $599.99… And why not an XX30 at $299.99?

Anyway, we should take our cold shower on April 12 and 13 if the rumors of embargo are confirmed.