RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 7600, who wins on 3DMark?


Also in connection with the RX 7600, we have our colleague VideoCardz, who has put together a little score compilation for us. The card is compared to the RTX 4060 Ti on some benchmarks from the 3DMark series. So who wins? And which card represents the best upgrade over the previous generation?

RTX 4060 Ti vs RX 7600, who wins?

Of course, 3DMark scores do not necessarily represent the reality in terms of performance. Indeed, with the arrival of upscaling methods, the results change completely.

RTX 4060 Ti Time Spy - Speed Way

Nevertheless, the RX 7600 unfortunately lags behind its NVIDIA rival. On the Time Spy suite, the card offers about 80% of the performance of its GeForce competition. The worst being on the DirectX 12 test with Ray Tracing, Speed Way, where the little RADEON only performs 61% of the competitor’s card.

On the other hand, in DirectX 11 mode, the card makes up for it by offering smaller gaps. In this situation, the little RADEON manages to offer 92% to 94% of the performance of its competitor.

RTX 4060 Ti Fire Strike

Finally, we can say that compared to the previous generation, the RADEON seems the most interesting. Indeed, against the small RX 6600, the 7600 shows +34% of performance against only ~10% for the 4060 Ti against the RTX 3060 Ti. The final battle will be between price and in-game performance!

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