RTX 4060 Ti: towards a 160W TGP?


New rumor concerning the future graphics cards of NVIDIA. This time, it concerns the next RTX 4060 Ti and more particularly the TGP of the card. Indeed, the latest rumors point to a value of 160W. If this is the case, it will be 20% lower than the RTX 3060 Ti. Good news!

A 20% drop in the TGP with the RTX 4060 Ti compared to the 3060 Ti!

Obviously, the future mid-range card from NVIDIA will not necessarily rhyme with EDF. Indeed, kopite7kimi makes some corrections in his predictions about the future card of the greens. This correction concerns the TGP of the card which goes from 220W to 160W. Compared to an RTX 3060 Ti, this represents a decrease of 20% of consumption. This is always good to take!

In addition, the characteristics of the GPU remain unchanged. Obviously, we should expect an AD106-350-A1 chip, a castrated version of the AD106. The latter would contain a total of 4352 cuda core as well as a L2 cache making x8 compared to the 3060 Ti. As you can see, this model would have 32 MB of L2 cache. However, the memory part would be based on 8 GB of GDDR6 clocked at 18 Gbps via a bus of 128 bits. The bandwidth would be lower: 288 GB / s against 448 GB / s for the previous generation.

Finally, this model would use PCIe 5.0 while being powered by the 12VHPWR that will become widespread on the entire RTX 40 range. The PCB would also be compact, both on reference and custom models.


It remains to be seen how much this will cost. But according to Wccftech, the card would cost between $400 and $500… As for the launch, it would be planned for the end of the first quarter or even the beginning of the second.