RTX 4060 Ti flops in Japan too?


In Japan, during major component launches, some high-street stores stay open in the evening to welcome customers. Such was the case in Japan’s Akihabara district. Two stores stayed open to welcome customers during the launch of the RTX 4060 Ti. Clearly, they could have lowered the iron curtain!

Only one customer at the RTX 4060 Ti launch!

RTX 4060 Ti unique client !

Unfortunately, the wake wasn’t crowded – in fact, quite the opposite. In fact, only one customer showed up at the Dospara store to buy NVIDIA’s latest product. As for the other store, we imagine it must have been sadly deserted on launch night.

Sadly, it’s not only in Japan that the card has flopped at launch. In Germany, online retailer MindFactory sold just twenty cards in the hours following the opening of sales… And this despite a one-off €20 discount on one model.

Between the RTX 4070 non-Ti, whose production production/delivery interrupted and this 4060 Ti that nobody wants, times are hard for NVIDIA. Perhaps it’s time to think about offering less expensive graphics cards?