RTX 40 Super: a CES launch?


The RTX 40 Super continue to make news with a potential launch date. Indeed, according to renowned leaker @kopite7kimi, NVIDIA’s cards could be announced at CES in early 2024!

RTX 40 Super: an announcement at CES 2024?

RTX 4080 SuperThe leaker seems to have information confirming a launch during CES, which remains totally plausible for a graphics card launch. As a reminder, CES is one of the world’s leading computer and new technology trade shows. It is held in Las Vegas, USA.

However, according to VideoCardz, NVIDIA is not listed as a featured exhibitor at this year’s show. However, that doesn’t stop the company from having three conference rooms reserved… Although no major media events are planned.

Given that these are simply refresh cards, it’s not impossible that this is a small launch. As a reminder, three cards are said to be in the pipeline: RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4070. In all cases, an increase in the number of cuda cores is planned, as well as an increase in VRAM capacity… Finally, for the 4070 Ti Super 16 GB instead of 12 GB. Otherwise, TBP values will remain unchanged, except for the 4070 Super, which will go from 200W to 220W.

It remains to be seen whether NVIDIA will offer its Founders Edition boards or not.