RTX 3090 Ti: it doesn’t look good…


Nvidia would have asked its main partners to suspend the production of their RTX 3090 Ti cards. The card was originally supposed to be launched at the end of this month of January, but for a few days, some rumors have been talking about a delay of several weeks.

RTX 3090 Ti

The RTX 3090 Ti late

However, during the presentation ( stealth ) of the 3090 Ti at CES, Nvidia was careful not to give a precise date of official launch of this new version, just indicating that other information would arrive during the month of January. The (temporary?) suspension of RTX 3090 Ti production was revealed a few hours ago and other sources mention two major problems explaining this delay. The bios but also the hardware would pose problems without knowing more for the moment. It seems difficult to have precise elements from Nvidia on this subject since, once again, the greens have absolutely not communicated on an official launch date. If there is any additional information, it will come from Nvidia’s partners like Asus, MSI and co. who are producing these cards. The leaks will come from there and only from there, we will keep you informed of course. This is yet another twist in the long and chaotic path of the commercial life of the Nvidia 3000 series. The last news is that the 3050 should arrive in the next few days…

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