ROG X670E Gene and DDR5 at 8000 MT/s, it’s possible


In view of the new BIOS released in recent weeks, we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the memory performance of our ROG X670E Gene motherboard. AMD has continued to work on BIOS upgrades, notably with AGESA, which makes all the difference, as we’ll see in this article. We’ll take a quick look at the basics of setting up your memory kit, as well as our settings to achieve the 8000 MT/s frequency. Of course, our motherboard isn’t just any motherboard – it’s certainly the best available today, based on the X670E chipset. We’re talking about our ROG X670E Gene, of course, although the Crosshair X670E Extreme should do just as well!

We were also able to evaluate AMD’s leap forward in memory frequency, reaching 7800 MT/s CL34 with the 128 GB ZETA R5 NEO EXPO kit from G.SKill.