Review: Teamgroup Delta RGB 7200 MT/s CL34


Teamgroup is a brand that we have been working with for several weeks now and that offers us the opportunity to test the new kits available when they are released. After the excellent Teamgroup Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34 with M-die chips, we had the chance to receive a kit equipped with A-die chips, the Teamgroup Delta RGB 7200 MT/s CL34. It is a kit that consists of two 16 GB arrays operating at a voltage of 1.40 volts. At the time of writing our article, we have not yet found any sites referencing this new DDR5 kit and therefore, we do not yet have an exact idea on its price in Europe. They are currently on pre-order at OCUK for a price of £499.99. You should also know that a 7600 MT/s kit is also available for pre-order.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Teamgroup for giving us the opportunity to review this kit with the new Hynix A-die chips. These are currently the chips with the best overclocking potential.