Review : MSI R7870 Hawk under DOD


Since a few weeks, a part of our Discord community has been playing with old GPUs in order to get the best performance in overclocking. This is what gave us the idea and especially the desire to dip our fingers into old GPUs that we had the chance to test and that left us an excellent impression. Of course, most of them have long since left the lab, but not all. We had to go through the “second hand” box and we have to admit that the second hand prices are still very high and do not really reflect the power of the GPU compared to the current offer.

MSI R7870 Hawk sous DOD

So our first choice was a copy of the MSI R7870 Hawk that we had stored in the lab so that we could bring it out when the time was right, and here it is. Why this card? Simply because we still have all the tools and material to unlock the voltages for a final switch to LN2, which will be done first on our DOD, a phase change system that we will come back to in the rest of this article. This card can currently be found on second hand around 50 euros.