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Review: MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X


The test configuration:

Here are the different components that equip our test platform. For the publication of these tests, I used the « A12U4 » BIOS which seems to be the most efficient for overclocking. As is the case with Asus, MSI is also very reactive when it comes to updating its BIOS. In the coming weeks, we will also offer you several overclocking guides for your processor but also for your memory kit depending on the type of chips (Micron, Samsung and Hynix).

  • Motherboard : MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X (BIOS A12U4)
  • Processor: Intel i9-12900K Alder Lake
  • Memory : 32 GB Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 MT/s CL40
  • Graphics Card: MSI GT 710
  • Cooling system : EK-Quantum Velocity² + 480 mm EK radiator
  • SSD: Western Digital SN850 NVMe SSD M.2
  • Power supply: be quiet! Dark Power PRO 12 1500w
  • Display: ROG PG27UQ

A quick tour through CPU-Z to make sure everything is in order before we start our tests. We notice that with this version 1.99, our i9-12900K is perfectly recognized as well as the DDR5 memory. To do this we activated the XMP profile of our memory kit in the BIOS.

Let’s go for the overclocking of this i9-12900K on this MEG Z690 Unify-X

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