Review: Jonsbo D40


Jonsbo is one of the manufacturers we recently discovered with the test of the HX6250 a big single tower 140mm fan. Nevertheless, the brand’s catalog does not stop at CPU coolers, since it includes cases. Speaking of cases, we received one of their latest products: the D40. So, what is this compact mid-tower model worth? Let’s have a look now!

Jonsbo D40

The exterior of the D40:

With this case, the Chinese brand offers us a model in medium tower format. However, the company bets on the compactness with a reference displaying dimensions close to a micro-ATX case. Thus, this model displays 204 (W) x 401 (D) x 386 (H) mm, we told you, it is compact, besides, its size is very close to a MACUBE 110 signed DeepCool. The weight is also light since this model shows only 5 kg on the scale, weight justified by its dimensions and the use of aluminum for the front and rear

Clearly, if you don’t like sober cases with clean lines, you will certainly not appreciate this little D40. With this reference, the brand signs a case with a front panel devoid of artifice with rounded side edges. Note that we received it in its silver version. Other colors exist such as full black or white. Honestly, this version is very successful, the black of the upper part and the glass panels bringing a nice contrast

Finally, we will notice that the front part is completely devoid of ventilation, this is normal, they are all positioned at the bottom, but we will come back to that

The control panel :

Jonsbo D40 panneau de contrôle

The control panel of the case is positioned in the lower right corner of the front. However, we find the “disadvantage” of modern cases since it has

  • A power button
  • A USB type A 3.2 Gen 1 port
  • A microphone/headphone jack
  • A USB type C 3.2 Gen 1 port

This type of configuration allows us to offer a pure connector system that does not disturb the aesthetics of the front panel. On the other hand, we find it moderately functional because of the few USB type A equipment that can be connected simultaneously!

The bottom :

Jonsbo D40 dessous

Under the case, we find the feet, but a particular attention is brought to them. They are, indeed, hifi type feet with a rounded design and an aluminum type finish. They are also covered with a foam that will not adhere especially on the surface on which the case is placed. Honestly, we prefer, the case will be easier to turn/rotate during the assembly.

Otherwise, we notice the presence of a dust filter taking place under the bottom of the D40. Its access will not be obvious since it is simply wedged under the body. It will thus be necessary to bend it to remove it and clean it.

The rear :

Jonsbo D40 arrière

It is by looking at the back that we understand why this model is so compact: the power supply location is not at the bottom. In this D40, the block will be installed vertically, behind the front panel. Moreover, we can see the IEC14 offset at the top.

A little further down, we can see the I/O shield slot of the motherboard with a 120mm fan slot right next to it. Note the shape of the fan grill with a round base, original. Finally, at the bottom, seven black expansion slots.

Nevertheless, we won’t miss the big ” Made in China ” at the top.

The top:

Jonsbo D40 dessus

We finish this little exterior tour with the top part of the D40. This last one offers a nice grooved cover maintained at the back by two hand screws. This last one hides the screws holding the side panels.