Razer plays it cool and efficient wirelessly


We all know Razer and its positioning. The brand seems to be determined to push its advantages on the field of competitive gaming. To do this, several recipes have been applied. First of all, our 3 key peripherals (keyboard, mouse and headset) have in-house technologies that promote responsiveness. Finally, the question of autonomy was also treated with application in order to have an increased autonomy on the wireless peripherals. Let’s see in detail how this affects our 3 basic elements:

The keyboard: Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless

Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless The second evolution of Razer’s opto-mechanical keyboard keeps the successful lines of the first model. The frameless design of this keyboard still makes its effect. We have to be honest, it’s this sober and elegant line that we appreciate at Razer. The Huntsman v2 is distinguished by a record responsiveness and the exchange rate between the keyboard and the PC goes up to 8000Hz, which guarantees an imperceptible latency and an ultra efficient response time. In our opinion, this keyboard is the best choice for use at home or in a competitive environment. Beyond the aesthetics, we enjoy an unparalleled responsiveness combined with an almost flawless playing comfort.

The headset Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

Razer Blackshark V2 ProIf you know the Blackshark, you will not be disoriented. This is a modernized, wireless version of this helmet with a “helicopter pilot” look that is often found during Esport competitions.

Razer Blackshark V2 pro The evolution is obviously a reliable wireless connection (HyperSpeed) via the supplied USB dongle or wired via mini-jack, 24 hours of autonomy, an even better comfort, an excellent quality microphone and first-rate sound performances pushed by the “TriForce” acoustic design and the THX Spatial Audio virtual spatialization. Again, the design evolution is noticeable and the design is much more sober than the original model. The use of matte black plastic elements, mesh pads and leatherette covering further enhance the perceived quality. Lighter (326 g), this headset will be forgotten even during long sessions.

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The mouse Razer Viper 8Khz or Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer With the Viper 8Khz, Razer has blown the limits Set at 1000 Hz for gaming, the polling rate of a mouse allows on paper to reduce latency to a minimum of 1 ms, which is already very fast. Razer went even further by going up to 8000 hz. If it is difficult to really notice a visible difference between 1000 and 8000hz, we are however assured to be rid of any phenomenon of micro-stutteringthis mouse has an assumed Esport positioning and it will come in the middle of a high-end equipment where responsiveness is the key word. But let’s not forget that it also has, like its big sister the Viper, an impeccable grip and a quality of glide essential for fast games (FPS type). For those who appreciate design and comfort without being pro-gamers, the Razer Viper Ultimate combines the same qualities of finish and lightness while doing away with the wire. Totally ambidextrous like its big sisters, the Viper Ultimate allows you to take advantage of a high quality wireless link. For this, Razer uses a small dongle USB radio transceiver, allowing transmission at 1,000 Hz. Razer’s technological choices allow the Viper Ultimate to have exactly the same responsiveness as the wired Viper. As for autonomy, the brand promises up to 70 hours of autonomy with the backlight deactivated. Recharging is done easily with a small magnetic base, discreet and efficient.

Razer Viper Ultimate If we had to make a choice, we would without hesitation switch to the wireless version, the Viper Ultimate. Its comfort and incredible lightness make it difficult to go back after using this mouse. We won’t go back over the speed and responsiveness of this mouse, which is on a par with a wired connection a wired connection. Definitely one of the best mice on the market today.

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The final touch of the setup: Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur There are so many gaming chairs on the market that it’s hard to choose. Yet in the logic of our setup listed above, the Razer Iskur fits in perfectly with the same spirit: sobriety, quality and efficiency. When choosing a chair, the notion of comfort is obviously crucial, but you also have to consider the durability of your investment. The Iskur benefits from a quality assembly, especially in the leatherette parts which have strong seams that guarantee the life of the chair. The plastics used for the armrests, elements that often show signs of weakness after a few months, give full confidence here.

Razer Iskur Leaving aside the Iskur, we also appreciate the use and constant evolution of the Synapse. If you are not familiar with it, it is the nerve center of Razer products. It will allow you to manage the light ambiance of your keyboard but also to match with other connected devices. If you are fond of the Philips Hue or the Nanoleaf for example, you can harmonize the whole for a very shimmering effect. As far as performance is concerned, Synapse will naturally allow you to configure macros for your keys and many other features on the mouse and headset. In addition, it will also be possible to set and configure the key combinations depending on the game selected. This article is sponsored content