Raspberry Pi 5: a watercooling kit is available!


The Raspberry Pi 5, the famous credit-card-sized computer, gets an all-in-one liquid cooling system. The Seeed Studio offers a watercooling kit that allows you to overclock and cool your mini-computer with ease!

Raspberry Pi 5: a complete watercooling system for your small computer!

Raspberry Pi 5The program includes a complete watercooling system for small computers. As you can see, it features a waterblock with a copper base for the SoC and the PC’s various controllers. The latter is equipped with two ringed connectors for input/output.

The whole unit is then connected to a pump-reservoir combo, itself connected to a radiator. This is more of a custom solution than an all-in-one package. Finally, the radiator is cooled by an RGB fan.

The solution proposed here proves effective, since the first data shared show a maximum temperature of less than 40°C… All this, with overclocking at 3 GHz.

All that remains is to mention the retail price, which is $120 on the Seeed Studio website. By way of comparison, this is more expensive than the Pi 5 8 Go itself… But with this, you’re all set for little overclocking sessions!