Raptor Lake : 6 Ghz stock ?


It’s an information officially delivered by the Intel team during its Tech Tour in Israel, its Core 13 (aka Raptor Lake) will reach the 6Ghz “standard”. So obviously, the information is nice but we have to moderate it: it is unlikely that the whole range can go up to 6Ghz. For several weeks now, no leak has been able to show a Raptor Lake at 6Ghz stock (without overclocking). So either Intel still has some surprises in store for us or we should expect a unique reference (an i9-13900KS ?) which is the only one capable of holding this frequency.

Intel Raptor lake 6ghz
Here is a slide that is worth official confirmation: Raptor Lake will be able to run at 6ghz stock

The subject of frequencies is sensitive in the fight with AMD. The reds have unveiled their new Ryzen 7000 and the official frequencies. For a while, several sources say that Intel will be ahead. If on multi-core performance, the situation seems almost obvious (the 13900K will have more cores than the 7950X), on single-core performance the battle could be close. The frequency will be the key but also the overclocking capabilities. On this last point it seems that the Core 13 could set some records by exceeding the 8Ghz bar.

We will have to wait for the Intel Innovation Conference at the end of September to have a clear vision of the Raptor Lake range (and its operating frequencies).

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