RADEON Software 24.3.1: same story for Horizon!


AMD also offers a new driver, RADEON Software Adrenalin Edition 24.3.1. This new release comes with a number of patches, as well as support for the PC port of Horizon Forbidden West.

RADEON Software 24.3.1: what’s new?

RADEON Software 24.3.1 Forbidden West

As with any self-respecting driver release, AMD is offering support for new games with this driver. The list includes Dragon’s Dogma 2, Horizon Forbidden West and Outpost: Infinity Siege.

With this, the HYPR-Tune feature supports new games: Dragon’s Dogma, Diablo 4, Ghostrunner 2 and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The patches :

Without further ado, let’s take a look at AMD’s long list of patches:

  • Intermittent but excessive stuttering encountered when activating the AMD Fluid Motion Frame has been corrected.
  • Reduced driver timeouts or crashs encountered on Helldivers 2 on RX 7900 series.
  • Corrected driver crashes or timouts encountered in game on StarCraft II with RX 7000.
  • Reduced initial loading time on World of Warcraft in DirectX 12 with cards such as the RX 6800.
  • No more purple corruption on Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition with RADEON Boost and ray tracing active.
  • In game, on Cossacks 3, some characters could be invisible or with missing textures.
  • Flicker could be observed on Space Engineers in certain indoor environments.
  • On the RX 7900 GRE, the maximum memory setting limit is now correctly reported.
  • Shader caching may no longer fail for Windows users whose name contains an accented character.
  • FPS measurement will report values correctly, even if the game is minimized.
  • On certain hybrid systems, GPU acceleration will no longer be greyed out/missing on Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • No more performance drops on certain workloads using DirectML in Topaz AI.

Problems identified:

We conclude this driver with the problems identified by AMD:

  • Crashes or driver timeouts may occur on Helldivers 2 on dual-screen configurations with certain cards such as the 7900 XTX.
  • Crashes can also occur on Lord of The Fallen and when entering certain zones on RX 6000 series. Fix scheduled for 24.4.1.
  • On SnowRunner, artifacts may appear in certain muddy environments in game. This concerns cards such as the RX 6800. Fix scheduled for 24.4.1.
  • AMD SmartAccess Video may be reported as incorrectly available on some systems with Parsec Virutal Display Driver installed. Fix scheduled for 24.5.1.
  • Still some audio/video desync problems when recording via the driver with the AV1 codec (fix planned for Q3).

To download this version, click on the link below:

This way to the AMD driver (707 MB)