RADEON Software 24.2.1: lots of AMD patches!


AMD has released a new version of its graphics driver, the RADEON Software Adrenalin Edition. Version 24.2.1 includes 14 bugfixes in all!

RADEON Software 24.2.1, what’s new?

Skull and Bones - RADEON Software 24.2.1

Among the new features, this new driver is rather “poor”. Indeed, it only offers support for Skull and Bones and Nightingale. Otherwise, you’ll find support for a number of Vulkan extensions that we won’t go into in detail here. But you can find them here.

The patches :

The most important aspect of this release is the patches deployed by AMD, fourteen of which are listed below:

  • Improvement of driver timeouts or crashes on HELLDRIVERS 2 on RX 7000. AMD is investigating the source of these problems.
  • Improvement of excessive stuttering on various games such as Battlefield 2042, Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Monster Hunter: World, PUBG: Battelgrounds and Star Wars Battlefront II.
  • Deathloop may experience extended loading times on cards such as the RX 6900 XT.
  • Correction of crashes after activation of RTAO on cards like RX 6800.
  • Enshrouded will no longer crash on first launch or after changing anti-alliasing settings with RX 7000.
  • Correction of bright shadows or missing highlights on Enshrouded with RX 7000.
  • HDR settings applied correctly on certain games such as Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
  • No more intermittent crashes on Counterstrike 2 with FSR active on cards like the RX 7900 XTX.
  • On some Vulkan games, the graphics API could be reported as DirectX 12.
  • With some cards like the 7900 XTX, the Parsec host application could crash after a system reboot.
  • No more looping images during Teams meetings with a Ryzen 7 7840U (there may have been a practical side 😉 ).
  • No more green tint on the Oculus Rift S display with an RX 7000.
  • AFMF could fail to display correctly on some hybrid systems, particularly those where one of the devices didn’t support the function. To take advantage of it, the display must be connected to the compatible device.
  • Stuttering or mouse lag could occur when the dedicated GPU was selected as the display adapter on mobile systems such as a Ryzen 9 6900HS paired with an RX 6800S.

24.2.1, known problems :

Finally, we close with the list of problems already identified by AMD:

  • HELLDRIVERS 2 driver timeouts or crashes can be felt when the GPU is running at 100% with cards like the RX 7900 XTX.
  • Starcraft II can crash or driver timeouts can be felt in game with RX 7000.
  • Overwatch may crash or driver timeouts may be felt in game with RX 6000 or newer when RADEON Boost is active. Deactivating the function gets around the problem.
  • On some cards, such as the RX 6800, longer initial load times can be experienced with the DirectX12API on World of Warcraft.
  • Shader caching may fail for Windows users whose name contains an accented character. Fix planned for driver 24.3.1.
  • On a minimized game, FPS measurement may report incorrect values. Planned driver fix 24.3.1.
  • AMD SmarAccess Video may be incorrectly reported as available on some systems with the Parsec Virtual Display Driver installed.
  • Performance drops may be observed when using certain DirectML loads on Topaz AI.
  • Further audio/video desync problems when recording via the driver with the AV1 codec (fix planned for Q3, delayed by one quarter).

To download the driver, click on the link below:

This way to the AMD driver (708 MB)!