Racing Z690GTA-V8 : a V8 mod based on Biostar motherboard !


Today, a lighter subject with the presentation of a really successful mod. On the program, a PC in the form of a V8 engine with Biostar hardware as a base. In short, without further delay, here is the Racing Z690GTA-V8 made in collaboration with Mark’s Fabrication.

Racing Z690GTA-V8 : a PC or an engine ?

Biostar Racing Z690GTA-V8Clearly, the goal of the maneuver was to assemble a machine in the shape of a V8 engine. We can say without getting wet that the bet is successful.

For the occasion, the modder puts forward the machine in a custom box aiming to reproduce the shape of a V8. Moreover, via a piston system, the cylinder banks will tilt rather than remain flat. Moreover, on the top, one will notice the intake particularly well reproduced… As well as turbos on the front of the machine and various gauges with screens to inform on the temperature, speed of the ventilators, etc.

Biostar Racing Z690GTA-V8

Concerning the configuration, we will find a motherboard signed Biostar, a Z690GTA. On the GPU side, it is an RX 6800 XT Liquid Devil that is present. The memory configuration displays 32 GB of TeamGroup Xtreem aRGB White in DDR4. Finally, the storage part is done with a Cardea Ceramic C440 SSD of 1TB while the power supply is a Seasonic Prime Ultra of 1000W in 80+ Titanium. Of course, we do not forget to mention the custom watercooling loop signed EKWB.

In any case, there was a serious work done on this machine and we can only salute the effort. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the little video to see all this in more detail.