Prime AP201: Asus micro-ATX enclosure all sober, all cute!


Asus has a very, very wide range of components for the PC world including cases. In fact, that’s what we’re going to talk about since the brand has announced its Prime AP201. This is a reference for micro-ATX motherboards with a lot of mesh.

Prime AP201: a lot of mesh so that it breathes!

Asus Prime AP201As you can see, the brand signs a reference with a sober and minimalist design. Moreover, the mesh is present on the front, the top and the side panels. For the moment, we do not know the dimensions of this model, however, we know that it offers a volume of 33l.

Inside, we will be able to install a motherboard in micro-ATX format at most. However, it has enough space to install a 338 mm long graphics card and a 180 mm deep power supply. Moreover, it will be installed vertically at the front of the case.

For the cooling, we know that it will be able to embark up to six fans. Three slots are present at the top, two at the bottom and one at the back. For watercooling, this ensures compatibility with 360 mm and 280 mm radiators.

Asus Prime AP201

Unfortunately, some elements are still unknown. We think first of all of the dimensions, but also the possibilities in terms of storage, the price or the launch date. It’s a pity because this model really caught our eye.

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Here is the (incomplete) technical data sheet of Asus!