Predator X32FP and CG48, two new displays from Acer!


Two Acer monitors are once again in the news. Indeed, the brand launches its Predator X32FP monitor. Concerning the CG48, we will have to wait a little more. However, these are two references clearly high-end with an official price of 1599 €!

Predator X32F, the smaller of the two!

Acer Predator X32FP

We start with the “small” X32FP, a model with a 32″ IPS panel. This one displays a big UHD resolution in 3840×2160. But the most important in all this is its reactivity since we find a frequency that can reach 160 Hz while the latency can go down to 0.7 ms.

On the display side, we find a monitor that can be very bright. The basic brightness is 400 cd/m², but it can reach 1200 cd/m². In addition, the contrast in dynamic mode can reach 100,000,000:1. These characteristics allow this model to be certified DisplayHDR1000.

The CG48″, a big 48″ screen!

Acer Predator CG48

We continue with the Predator CG48, a TV format screen equipped with an OLED panel. Just like the previous model, we find a reference displaying a UHD resolution. The reactivity is not too bad either with its 138 Hz and its low latency of 0.1 ms.

The display of colors is done on 10 bits and we find a coverage of the range of colors DCI-P3 of 98%. The basic brightness is 400 cd/m² while the contrast shows 135000:1.

Finally available, well, not quite:

As for the price, as we told you above, it will cost 1599 €. However, the CG48 has undergone a nice price drop. As a reminder, the original price was 2199 €.

The only thing left to resolve is the question of availability. Initially, they were presented during CES 2022, but they are only now coming. Moreover, the X32FP is already available for purchase on the brand’s store. For the CG48, we will have to wait until the second quarter of this year.