Picture of an all-black RTX 3090 Super!


A new graphics card has just surfaced on social networks. Unfortunately, it’s not an upcoming model, but what could have been a hypothetical RTX 3090 Super. The card in question features an all-black heatsink. It really is a beauty!

RTX 3090 Super: an all-black card!

NVIDIA RTX 3090 SuperFlashback to the days of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series. As a reminder, the series was launched in September 2020, then completed by “Ti” versions in May 2021. As for the RTX 3090, its Ti version was not released until January 2022. However, alongside these versions, NVIDIA seemed to be working on a Super model. This model never saw the light of day, since we’re currently at the RTX 40 stage.

RTX 3090 Super

Even so, this work has gone far enough to produce a complete card that is now appearing on the networks. As you can see, the model in question features an all-black heatsink. Even the X ring is black. Visually, the card is a real success. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day, as the brand concentrated on the versions we know, featuring a black heatsink with an aluminum-colored frame.

As for the current RTX 40 series, there are no rumors of Super versions, as was the case with the RTX 20s. According to VideoCardz, this indicates that the greens would focus more on Ti variants, at least, if they were to dust off the current series… Because yes, there aren’t any, except for the RTX 4060.