Phanteks launches its Glacier One 420 D30!


New watercooling kits from Phanteks: two new AIO kits. The company has completed its Glacier One D30 series with the addition of a 420 mm model. The fans having been announced last month, now it’s time to see the heatsinks equipped with them!

Glacier One 420 D30: Phanteks AIOs in white and black!

Phanteks Glacier One 420 D30 noirThis kit features a very large heatsink, capable of supporting up to three 140 mm fans. However, its thickness remains standard, at just 27 mm. What’s more, with fan frames as thick as 30 mm, there’s no need to add any more.

As for the pump, its design remains unchanged, with a model featuring aRGB lighting. Unlike its predecessor, the T30 series, the pump is made of plastic, which is a bit of a shame. However, we do know that it will run at up to 3100 rpm, and that it will fit on literally every socket on the market, including AMD’s HEDT platforms.

Ventilation is provided by 140 mm D30 fans. The latter, as we said, are particularly thick: 30 mm. This is intended to deliver top-notch performance, especially since at full speed they will operate at up to 1,800 rpm. Airflow and static pressure will reach 71.93 CFM and 3.32 mmH2O respectively.

Phanteks Glacier One 420 D30 blanc

What’s more, these fans feature a clever system of series connection via connectors directly integrated into their frame. However, it’s this system that has earned the brand a lawsuit from Lian Li. Last but not least, the fans are also fitted with a number of covers to conceal screws, etc., etc., etc., etc.

Price: €189.99 in both black and white!

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