Nvidia hopper: a huge die with 140 billion transistors?


The next generation of Nvidia professional cards, which are expected to use MCM, could have more than 140 billion transistors per die!

More than 140 billion transistors for Hopper?

Nvidia Hopper GH100

This is the new rumor coming straight from the Chinese forum chiphell, by user Zhangzhonghao (who has revealed quite a lot of information related to CPU/GPU

from several brands) comes back this time with information about the next generation of professional graphics cards from Nvidia, with Hopper.

At first glance, there is no mention of the brand, but given the latest rumors, including the size of the GH100 chip that would exceed 900 mm² engraved in 5 nm, it is likely that the author is talking about Nvidia.

According to him, the GH100 chip would have more than 140 billion transistors, almost triple the GA100 (Ampere) with “only” 54.2 billion. Concerning the MCM part, we could have a card with 2 GH100 chips for a total of >280 billion transistors and a surface area of >1800 mm², a monster in perspective.

On the technical side, the latest rumors speak of 144 SM (9216 Cuda Core) per die, HBM2e memory support and a power consumption exceeding 1000W.