NVIDIA: a GTX 1630 scheduled for May 31?


In this month of May 2022, NVIDIA would be about to launch a new low-end graphics card based on the Turing architecture!

An NVIDIA GTX 16XX in 2022?

nvidia GTX 1630

According to information from VideoCardz, NVIDIA will launch a new graphics card at the end of the month: the GTX 1630 using the Turing architecture dating from 2018 and with lower performance than the GTX 1650.

The card would be based on the Tue117-150 chip in 12 nm and would be equipped with 512 Cuda Cores boosting to 1800 MHz, against 896 for the GTX 1650 using mainly the TU117-300 and with a memory bus reduced by half to 64 bits against 128. With its 4 GB of GDDR6 memory at 12 Gbps, the bandwidth would rise to 96 GB/s. Despite all the lower specifications, the TDP would remain at 75W.

The launch of such a card would aim to offer an affordable entry-level product at a time when GPUs are still hard to find on the market (the latest generations of GPUs having almost abandoned the low-end market).

The announcement of the GTX 1630 would take place at Computex next week, on Monday May 23, with a release date of May 31.