Noctua: a busy second quarter!


Noctua has just published a new roadmap revealing its plans for the launch of new products. The least we can say is that the second quarter is going to be a busy one: no less than four new products are expected!

Noctua: four new products expected in the second quarter!

Roadmap NoctuaCompared to the previous roadmap, things have changed somewhat. The NH-DL12 is no longer scheduled for the first quarter, but for the second. This time, the 60 mm slim fan has been shifted to the second quarter, while the launch of the second-generation NH-L12 has been brought forward to the second quarter.

As you can see, the second quarter is packed with new features. The first thing we notice is that the launch of the new NH-D15 with its new fans is being maintained. Then there’s the ” Undisclosed project ” line, which really piques our curiosity.

Indeed, an undisclosed Noctua project? What could it be? For our part, we’re ready to put a small coin on the announcement of a watercooling kit. In our view, it’s the logical step, since water cooling is gradually becoming the benchmark cooling solution for our processors… At the same time, with consumption levels on the rise, there’s no longer any choice. When you see a 14900KS in the 400W range, you can’t help thinking that it’s going to be complicated to cool by air, even with a very good cooler.

In short, we can’t wait for the second quarter to see what Noctua has in store for us.