No Founders Edition for RTX 4060 Ti 16Gb and 4060!


NVIDIA clarifies the situation regarding its RTX 4060 series and its Founders Edition design. Indeed, we find a FE card and three versions of the 4060. The question is to know which card will benefit from an in-house design and which version will not!

Founders Edition only for the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB!

RTX 4060 Ti Founders EditionWith this FE version, NVIDIA offers us a card with a dual slot format. This card has similar dimensions to the RTX 4070 with the same design. However, some subtle changes are to be noted, especially in terms of color. The 4060 Ti has a silver-colored casing when it is gray on the 4070. Of course, the name changes in the backplate, but those are the only differences.

In any case, NVIDIA specifies that only the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB will be available in FE. The 4060 Ti 16GB as well as the RTX 4060 non-Ti will not have the right to this heatsink.

On the other hand, we can imagine the brand’s partners breathing a sigh of relief. After all, these models have a solid construction, both in terms of the heatsink and the PCB. This means that the brand’s partners will have to compete with each other… Who already have to compete with each other.