Netflix wants to launch a triple-A FPS


In a relative discretion, Netflix has just recorded the arrival of a new recruit named Chacko Sonny. The man does not come out of nowhere since he is one of the people behind Overwatch. Since his arrival, he has not been idle since he set up a new video game studio in Los Angeles on behalf of Netflix. As such, he has embarked on a recruitment phase and the profiles of the positions sought are very explicit. The search includes a Game Director: “We are looking for a highly skilled and creative game director to help us shape the game direction and creative vision for a brand new AAA PC game “. Other clues clearly point to a Made in Netflix FPS.

Netflix FPS
A AAA FPS at Netflix?

The ideal candidate will have experience with FPS and/or third-person shooters and extensive experience working on live-action games

The right profile sketch is completed with at least 10 years as a Creative/Game Director. The candidate must be comfortable with Unreal Engine and be able to work on a cooperative and competitive title. They should also feel capable of creating a game with tens, if not hundreds, of millions of players.

Netflix’s interest in video games is not new. However, one immediately thinks of a streaming solution…a technically difficult option for a triple-A FPS capable of playing a role in the competitive universe. So maybe some surprises are in store.