MSI upgrades the RTX 4090 Suprim to Liquid!


The launch of new graphics cards implies the announcement by the different brands of custom models. And it must be said that there is a model at MSI that has caught our attention since the brand will offer an RTX 4090 Suprim but in a “Liquid” version. Yes, you heard right, it’s the first time that this Suprim Liquid model makes its appearance in order to keep the RTX 4090 cool. So yes, we fell in love with this MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid.

The card will embark a liquid cooling system that consists of a waterblock responsible for keeping the GPU and memory chips cool but also a 240 mm radiator to dissipate heat. So we are on an AIO type liquid loop, i.e. pre-installed. You receive your copy of the RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid and you install it directly in your PC.

The two fans that equip the radiator are 120mm MSI Silent Gale P12 models, designed to offer a high airflow with very little noise pollution. If the temperature is cool enough, they will remain at rest. To optimize this cooling, a TORX 5.0 fan cools a heatsink placed on the PCB power stages. This fan is inserted via an octagonal cutout in the brushed aluminum cover. Two sides of this octagon benefit from an RGB backlighting.


Finally, you should know that the card has two BIOS: silent and gaming. This model should be available for the October 12th launch but no price has been revealed yet. Personally, we are under the spell of this model.

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