More price cuts on Intel’s Arc cards!


If you want to buy a decent graphics card on a small budget, Intel’s cards are getting more and more interesting. Indeed, the small Arc A380 is now $115. On the other hand, we learn that the ASRock custom versions are also getting cheaper!

The price of Intel Arc boards is melting like snow in the sun!

In the United States, if you want, you can afford an Intel graphics card for about $120. Indeed, the price of Intel solutions continues to fall and this time, it concerns the small A380 that offers a nice reduction. At $120, this is an interesting card because its performance is on a par with that of AMD’s RX 6400. However, the competing card is available from $140 at Newegg. Moreover, the blue model has hardware acceleration to decode AV1.

ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX

Note that the A380 also drops in price in China where the custom version of Gunnir is 899 yuan, or $115 provided you subscribe to a Plus offer at Anyway, the discount is interesting: -$50 compared to Intel’s announcement price.

Next to that, the other Intel boards customized by ASRock have been reduced in price. Still at Newegg, you can get an A750 Challenger starting at $240, while the big A770 Phantom Gaming is now priced at $270. Previously, these cards were priced at $290 and $320 respectively.

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With these price reductions, Intel and ASRock are putting even more pressure on the entry and mid-range sectors. Remember that the A750/770 easily compete with the RTX 3060 from NVIDIA, which can be found for only € 350.