Mito MT3 Noctua: a set of keys with the Noctua logo!


Do you like mechanical keyboards? Yes ? Do you like Noctua? Yes ? Good news, because a keyset with the effigy of the Austrian brand exists. For this, we can thank its creator “Drop” who offers us his Drop + Mito MT3 Noctua Keycap Set!

Mito MT3 Noctua: brown and beige keyboard keys!

Mito MT3 NoctuaWith this set of keys, you can completely dress up a keyboard of different sizes. Indeed, enough keys are provided to equip 104 keys, TKL, 65%, 60% keyboards and even others with more original layouts. We are thinking in particular of the models signed HHKB which have a specific bottom row.

In terms of compatibility, this keyset is compatible with Cherry type switches and its clones. If you have Kailh, Gateron, TTC, etc. switches, no problem, they can accommodate your new keyset.

As for the materials, we will not use PBT, the famous… No, here we are facing ABS in double injection. The lettering is therefore molded directly into the cap to increase its longevity. Moreover, even if it is ABS, know that all ABS are not equal, it is better to have a thick ABS than a PBT too thin… especially in terms of noise.

Finally, this set has some specificities, like the Noctua logo on the escape and enter keys.

As for the price, this set is $115, which is clearly not cheap for keyboard keys. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is an MT3 profile exclusive to the creator and that many keycaps are provided to dress up just about any keyboard without stress. The only drawback is that it is only intended for Ansi or ISO-UK layouts.

Here is the technical sheet!