Maxsun launches a RTX 4070 Ti iCraft all… Cute?


Small tour in China where we will talk about the company MaxSun which launches a new graphics card on the market. Indeed, the brand offers us its RTX 4070 Ti iCraft, their second model of RTX 40!AII

RTX 4070 Ti iCraft: a cute card from MaxSun!

MaxSun RTX 4070 Ti iCraft

From time to time, it doesn’t hurt to talk about Asian products. This is what we are going to do with this model. As you can see, the Chinese card is rather imposing with a triple thickness heatsink with three fans. Similarly, we find an imposing cooling system consisting of several heat pipes and two blocks of aluminum fins.

However, what we notice first is the design of the card, white and all round. Moreover, it is the backplate that will attract the most attention with its ” Enchantment Heart Princess” whose chara design is very anime-like.

The backplate of the card

Anyway, we are entitled to a factory overclocked card with a GPU reaching 2685 MHz in boost. In addition, MaxSun has increased the power consumption limit to 300W compared to 285W for the reference card.

In short, a typically Asian card if we refer to the female character drawn on the backplate. Keep in mind that this type of product sells very well in those countries. But in Europe, we imagine that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.