LS520 SE Digital: a DeepCool AIO with LCD display!


In addition to its ventirads deepCool installs LCD screens on its all-in-one watercooling kits. Well, it’s especially true for the LS520 SE Digital which has one of these screens on the top of the pump… And it looks very good if we trust the visuals of the brand!

LS520 SE Digital: a screen on the pump!

DeepCool LS520 Digital SEDuring the CES, DeepCool unveiled a visual of a 240mm watercooling kit equipped with a pump with an LCD display. As you can see, on the latter, the screen displays the temperature of the CPU as well as the speed of the ventilation via a small diagram … A bit like on its fans that we talked about last Friday.

Apart from that, it’s difficult to say more since we don’t have any technical data sheet at hand. However, we can imagine an LS520 base with a 27mm thick aluminum radiator. As for the fans, we can see that the RGB lighting is part of it.

For the moment, we only have a visual of the 240mm model. We do not know yet if versions in 280 mm or 360 mm are planned. Also, what about the fans at work? Are they new models or not? Impossible to answer.