LS Series: three new AIOs from DeepCool!


From DeepCool, we learn that the brand decides to launch new all-in-one watercooling kits. Indeed, the company announces its LS Series, kits in 120 mmm, 240 mm and 360 mm!

LS Series: three new AIO for DeepCool!

DeepCool LS SeriesOn the program, the brand announces three new watercooling kits with its LS320, LS520 and LS720 models. In terms of size, this gives respectively 120 mm, 240 mm and 360 mm.

As we can see, the brand changes its pump design which adopts a square shape with rounded corners. The latter also has an aRGB lighting with a possibility of customization. Here, it will be possible to change the orientation of the logo, or even customize it.

Otherwise, it is difficult to be exhaustive about the characteristics of these kits. However, we know that the brand deploys a 4th generation in-house pump operating at up to 3100 RPM.

As for the fans, we find FC120 mills that can be connected to each other. However, the brand’s press release does not stipulate its characteristics. However, based on the name, the fans should operate from 500 RPM to 1800 RPM and generate an airflow of 61.91 CFM and a static pressure of 1.83 mmAq.

While waiting to see them in the shops, the kits are compatible with all the sockets on the market… Even AMD’s sTRX4! And for the prices, the pricing is rather soft with an LS320 charged $89.99 against $109.99 for the LS520 and $139.99 for the 360 mm model.

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