Leadtek makes a RTX 4070 AI Blower !


From Leadtek, we learn that the brand is unveiling a new custom RTX 4070. However, the card in question isn’t customized in the sense that we mean it. No, it’s not a triple-slot version with three fans, but quite the opposite. In fact, the brand is offering an RTX 4070 AI Blower with… A blower, in fact!

RTX 4070 AI Blower: a customized card, the old-fashioned way!

RTX 4070 AI BlowerLeadtek is offering us an “old-fashioned” card today. The brand opts for a relatively basic heatsink consisting of a large steam chamber covering the GPU and memory chips. On the latter, we find copper fins. Finally, a cast aluminum frame is present to stiffen the structure when airflow is provided by a radial fan. In fact, we can see that the card’s bracket has large openings to facilitate the extraction of hot air!

Of course, with this type of design, operating frequencies can’t go very high. That’s why this model runs at 1920 MHz with a boost to 2475 MHz.

It remains to be seen whether NVIDIA will appreciate the news, since this type of cooling is increasingly reserved for professional boards!