Kone Air Wireless: a new battery-powered wireless mouse from Roccat!


Roccat announces a new gaming mouse that will be wireless. Moreover, if you have big hands, this Kone Air Wireless should satisfy you… Provided that you are ready to buy a new battery pack… Yes, it’s a model that works with two AA batteries…

Kone Air Wireless: a battery-operated mouse…

Roccat Kone Air Wireless With this new mouse, Roccat offers us a new version of the Kone. This last one displays   will be able to use only one on both.

Otherwise, from a technical point of view, the brand has equipped its mouse with Titan optical switches. These offer a long life with their 100 million clicks.

Roccat Kone Air Wireless On the sensor side, we have the famous Owl-Eye optical sensor capable of reaching 19 000 DPI. In addition, for a better glide, we find PTFE pads offering a low resistance to sliding.

This model uses Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz connectivity. On the other hand, this model is battery operated, there will be no USB connectivity.

For the price, you’ll have to hang on, this model is displayed at 69.99 € in white or black.

Here is the technical data sheet of Roccat!