Kingston Fury DDR5 5200 CL40 with Hynix chips !


It was a nice surprise at the beginning of the week to learn that one of our DDR5 kits, a Kingston Fury 5200 CL40 we recently received, is equipped with Hynix chips. We would never have imagined this possibility as we have already tested a few weeks ago a similar kit, the Kingston Fury Beast 5200 MT/s CL40 equipped with Micron chips. This morning bl4ckdot, a member of our Discord, pointed out a different label on some of the Kington Fury 5200 MT/s kits. The reference on the label is ETMH, with the letter “H” referring to Hynix chips, whereas the first kit we tested had the reference ETMM and therefore “M” for Micron chips.

We quickly and excitedly checked the part number of the last kit we received and were very surprised to discover that the part number for the second Kingston Fury 5200 MT/s CL40 kit was ETMH. So we installed the kit on our ROG Maximus Z690 APEX platform to check the information given by CPU-Z. The good news is that the Kingston Fury 5200 MT/s CL40 kit has Hynix chips.

So there are new Kingston Fury 5200 MT/s CL40 kits with Hynix chips and also early versions with Micron chips. No doubt that future buyers will pay close attention to the reference of the Fury memory sticks from now on! As a reminder, the interest of the Hynix chips is their excellent overclocking potential, as we were able to demonstrate with the test of the Teamgroup Delta 6400 MT/s CL40 kit.