Intel to lower prices for Alder Lake CPUs


Intel is preparing a price cut on a large part of its Alder Lake processors for the last part of the year. This drop should be done concomitantly with the launch of the 13th generation Raptor Lake. This strategy seems quite logical since Intel obviously intends to cover the entire market with the 12th generation and the top of the 13th generation (which will be the only one available in 2022).

Prix Alder Lake
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Towards aggressive pricing on Alder Lake later this year?

However, several sources indicate that Intel should be rather aggressive on this price drop for two fundamental reasons. First of all, to continue to put pressure on AMD and to take back market shares. Finally, simply to try to revive the PC market, which has been particularly sluggish since the beginning of 2022 after long months of euphoria. The economic context, inflation and uncertainties about international tensions are undoubtedly brakes as the fourth quarter of this year promises to be extremely rich in new product launches. We must not forget the wear and tear of certain customers who are having trouble letting go of the frustration, even anger, of having been squeezed like lemons for months. Some brands seem to be aware that a relaunch will require a significant price cut. Intel is in this group and it’s good news because the others will follow.

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