Intel releases its 101.5762 driver for Once Human


Intel has been producing one driver after another lately. This time, the brand has released version 101.5762 of its driver. This improves performance on Diablo IV, particularly when ray tracing is enabled. It also adds support for Once Human and Zenless Zone Zero!

Intel 101.5762, support for Once Human :

Once Human Intel 101.5762

The new features include support for Once Human and Zenless Zone Zero. There are also performance enhancements for Diablo IV:

  • Up to 30% performance boost on Diablo IV with ray tracing (Ultra) active in 1080p.
  • Up to 30% performance boost on Diablo IV with ray tracing (Ultra) active at 1440p.

The patches:

In terms of fixes, the blue ones correct a problem with Plant vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition. Indeed, performance was lower than expected when 3D acceleration was active. This fix concerns both Arc GPUs and Core Ultra iGPUs.

On the control panel side, Intel has also corrected a problem with the Shader Model , whose version could be incorrect in the system functionalities.

Known problems:

We end with a list of identified problems:

  • Intel Arc A-Series:
    • When launching Kunitsu-Gami for the first time, instabilities may occur. Launching the game a second time may correct them.
    • On Civilization VI, crashes may occur.
    • Crashes may occur on No Man’s Sky (Vulkan) in-game following an Alt Tab.
    • On Enshrouded (Vulkan), the game can simply crash in gameplay sessions.
    • Flickering may be encountered on Doom Eternal (Vulkan) in-game and on the game menu.
    • Topaz Video AI may encounter errors when using certain templates for video enhancement.
  • Intel Core Ultra with Arc iGPU:
    • Crashes on Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves (DX12) may occur when loading to gameplay.
    • Crashes can be encountered in the middle of a game session on Enshrouded (Vulkan)
    • On PugetBench Extended Preset, the benchmark may fail to complete certain tests on Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • On Topaz Video AI, errors may be encountered on some benchmark tests.
    • Crashes may occur on Procyon AI when the benchmark is run with Float32 precision.
  • Intel Core 12th to 14th generation :
    • Sporadic crashes can be observed on Dragon Quest X Online (DX9).
  • Intel Arc Control:
    • During HDR capture, files saved with Arc Control Studio may be corrupted when the mouse cursor is allowed.
    • Intermittently, scheduled driver updates may not work.
    • The capture or stream function may not stop when the stop option is used. To get around this, use the quit application option in the settings to stop recording.

To download the driver, click on the link below:

Intel driver here (869.3 MB)