Intel releases Arc Graphics 101.4148 driver


New graphics driver for Intel which publishes its Arc Graphics Driver 101.4148. With this new version, the company tackles new games. It brings optimizations for Sons of The Forest. Let’s discover the changes together.

Arc Graphics Driver 101.4148, what’s new :

Diablo IV Intel Arc Graphics Driver 101.4148With this new version, the blue ones offer us support for new games. We have preliminary support for the Diablo IV Beta which starts today. Otherwise, we also have support for Deceive Inc. Finally, Intel brings optimizations for Sons of The Forest, the sequel of the famous survival game The Forest.

Some fixes are also on the agenda and here is what the driver fixes:

  • Intel Arc Graphics:
    • The Riftbreaker in XBox Game Pass version will no longer display corruption as a black line in DirectX 12.
    • We will have good performance levels on the Chainsaw demo of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • Intel Core:
    • There will be no more corrupted textures or line/stripes in game on Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves in DirectX 12.
    • Same thing for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide in DirectX 12.
    • Fixed corrupted skybox on Dirt 5 in DirectX 12.

Nevertheless, we’ll keep an eye on some issues, especially in the Diablo IV Beta. In game, corruptions on the character can be observed if the option ” Highlight Character When Obscured ” is activated. Similarly, system crashes may occur when exiting standby or hardware acceleration may not be available when playing media or encoding on some versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here is the new Intel driver!