Intel releases 101.5252 driver for Skull & Bones and more!


A new driver update from Intel, with the release of version 101.5252. The beta driver offers support for new games. What’s more, DirectX 11 performance has been further enhanced, as have a number of fixes. We tell you all about it.

101.5252, what’s new :

Skull and Bones - Intel 101.5252Among the new features, Intel is highlighting support for new games. The list includes Helldrivers 2, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and Skull & Bones.

With this, performance gains are felt and the brand announces :

  • Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (DX12) :
    • Up to 4% perfs in 1080p with very high detail.
  • Palworld (DX11):
    • Up to 5% perfs in 1080p with details in Epic.
  • Snowrunner (DX11):
    • Up to 71% performance in 1080p with ultra detail.

The patches:

In passing, Intel has taken the opportunity to correct a few annoying problems:

  • No more corrupted colors on Arcade Paradise (DX11).
  • No more lower-than-expected performance on Ghostrunner 2 (DX12).
  • The same goes for Starfield (DX12).

Known problems, as numerous as ever:

  • Intel Arc Graphics Products:
    • Intermittent crashes when launching Starfield (DX12).
    • When opening game options on Helldriver 2 (DX12), instabilities may be felt with certain displays.
    • During long game sessions, crashes may occur on Palworld (DX11).
    • In-game crashes may occur on Dead by Daylight.
    • Topaz Video AI may encounter errors when using certain templates for video enhancement.
  • Intel Core Ultra with Intel Arc Graphics Products:
    • Helldriver 2 (DX12): instabilities may be experienced with certain displays when opening game options.
    • Corruptions on the field can be observed on Diablo 4 (DX12).
    • Crashes on Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves (DX12) may occur after loading into gameplay.
    • On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (DX12), crashes can occur after loading into gameplay on certain maps.
    • In-game and menu corruption may occur on Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 (DX12).
    • When launching the SPECAPC benchmark on Autodesk Maya, the software may crash.
    • With certain memory configurations, Blender may crash when rendering certain scenes.
    • Topaz Video AI may encounter errors when using certain templates for video enhancement.
    • Serif Affinity Photo 2 may crash in benchmark mode.
  • Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics Products:
    • Driver installation may not complete successfully on some notebooks equipped with both Intel Iris Xe and Intel Iris Xe Max. A system restart may solve the problem.
  • Intel Core Processor (12th-14th Generation) Products :
    • Sporadic crashes can be observed on Dragon Quest X Online (DX9).
  • Intel Arc Control:
    • With some games, Arc Control Studio may incorrectly generate multiple video files.
    • When using an HDMI connection, the “Display” page may incorrectly show DisplayPort in the “Connector” tab.
    • HDR recording with Arc Control Studio may be corrupted when the mouse cursor is.
    • Finally, the camera preview may cut out when the system enters a connected standby mode.

To download version 101.5234, click on the link below:

Intel driver here (977 MB)