Intel NUC 13 Extreme: is it still a mini PC?


Intel has just made official its new NUC 13 Extreme (codename Raptor Canyon) during an event. The NUC concept is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to come back to the NUC Extreme, over the years it has grown in size. So much so that this NUC 13 Extreme which integrates an unlocked Raptor Lake CPU and space for new graphics cards (up to three slots) looks more and more like a PC.

NUC This year marks the 10th anniversary of our impressive Intel NUC product line, and the Intel NUC 13 Extreme (codenamed Raptor Canyon) is a great representation of how far we’ve come. Our very first NUC demonstrated a breakthrough in miniaturizing a small desktop PC into an ultra-small PC form factor. While much larger than our smallest mini-PC, our latest Intel NUC 13 Extreme sets a new bar for how to pack stellar gaming performance into a form factor that is 70% smaller than a typical 50L gaming tower. In addition to the epic performance you’ve come to expect from an Intel NUC product, we also offer exceptional product quality and feature density in a fully modular and customizable design.

Brian McCarson, Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel NUC Group