HR-09 2280 Pro : a very big heatsink for M.2 SSD !


At Thermalright, we find a new heatsink for our dear SSD in M.2 format. The brand announces an imposing cooling system made of several heat pipes crossing aluminum fins. Here is the HR-09 2280 Pro !

HR-09 2280 Pro : a big M.2 heatsink !

Thermalright HR-09 2280 ProAs we said, the brand announces an imposing heatsink as shown by its dimensions of 24 (W) x 86 (D) x 74 (H) mm. Regarding the weight, this model shows 90g on the scale.

However, what is quite impressive here is the structure of this cooler. Indeed, there are two heatpipes in nickel-plated copper of 6 mm in diameter. They pass through a network of 33 aluminum fins forming a “G”. Moreover, these fins are 0.4 mm thick and spaced 1.8 mm apart. Finally, you should know that the base that will come into contact with the SSD will also be made of copper.

Nevertheless, if this model is too imposing for your configuration, know that a more compact model is also proposed. The HR-09 2280 non-Pro has only a copper heat pipe and its height is limited to 48mm. But it offers a top part with the brand logo.

Unfortunately, no price is announced.

Here and there are the technical data sheets of Thermalright !