Hela Platinum: Silverstone announces a 2050W power supply!


In the world of power supplies, we have Silverstone who has just announced a new reference. With its Hela Platinum block, the brand announces a very powerful power supply. In addition, its many watts are coupled with a large certification!

Hela Platinum: a power supply of 2050W of power!

Silverstone Hela PlatinumWith this model, Silverstone offers us a power supply that will not fit in all cases. Indeed, we are talking about a model with a depth of 18 cm. On the other hand, we have seen worse, like the AX1600i Titanium from Corsair and its 20 cm depth.

Clearly, this Hela block is a model to be reserved for very energy consuming systems. We are thinking in particular of workstations with several large GPUs, or mining rigs. It must be said that this model has the necessary connections to power a large number of GPUs. The datasheet mentions no less than 18 PCIe 6+2 pin connectors and a 12 pin connector for the RTX Founders Edition.

From an electrical point of view, we find a block compatible with the ATX12V V2.52 standard. Internally, we can count on Japanese electrolytic capacitors and a stable current regulation of ±3% with low ripple noise. The PFC is active and shows a power correction factor of 0.95 at full load. In terms of protection, we have OCP, OPP, OVP, SCP and OTP.

Finally, the ventilation will be able to work in a 100% active or semi-passive way, thanks to a switch present at the back of the power supply.

For the moment, the price is not yet known, nevertheless, this model should clearly not be cheap. As a comparison, a 1600W block is traded at more than 400 € on LDLC, there, it makes 2050W and displays a cybernetics Platinum certification!

Here is the Silverstone datasheet!